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Ravage Some Zombies With This DLC

By JcDent20-08-2013

Ravaged is a multiplayer game of post apocalyptic people shooting and driving sweet looted cars. The Zombie Apocalypse DLC is about adding zombies to the equation and not thinking up clever names.

The DLC entails

* Five new maps - each contain three levels of difficulty and zombies. The creators state that some think "high" to be impossible even with five player coop, so now you feel the need to protect the honour of your internet penis by proving them wrong.

*Multiple zombie type - fast zombie, jumping zombie, zombies that alert other zombies of your presence (they were snitches while they were alive...).

*New Gas System - a Stryker should be pretty immune to zombies and the devs are aware of that. So now you have to have fuel for you cars.

*New loot system - you start with a crowbar. Nice going, idiot, now you'll have to find weapons hidden in cashes on the battlefield. Unless zombies eat you beforehand.

*New revival system for zombie maps - zombies are sort of slow to eat downed players (have to say zombie grace?), so you might be able to rescue your bud if you shoot him with the revive gun. Provided you can find it on time

*New ways to play - play alone (finally, the option that was always missing from multiplayer games), play on dedicated servers, make custom servers for your friends...

*New Zombie Squads - not squads of actual zombies

*35 new achievements - they still mean nothing, you know!

Also, there are additions to the main game:

*New Resource Run Valley game mode - vehicle tug of war, it's how they call it

*New Tank Hill Thrust Map - a huge map to rock out with your tank out

*Other stuff.

Well, what do you think?

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