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Rangers Survive On Their Inventory

By Bobfish24-04-2013

The third in the Metro: Last Light – Ranger Survival Guide, as predicted, expands on the previous entries with more specific details about the equipment available to the player. Focusing a great deal, unsurprisingly, on the weapons you will find on your journey, but also giving details about how gas masks, medkits and, most importantly, how light works. Going so far as to show just how integral good lighting will be to your survival.

Where the second chapter spoke of ways to remove it completely to give you an advantage, now we also see the choice application of torches and bonfires to discourage creepy crawlies eating your face. That tends to be bad for your health you know. There's a shocking amount of detail here, not just in the voice over either. Pay close attention to the video footage for the full effective. Deep Silver are increasingly proving their acquisition of Metro was a very, very good thing for the eagerly waiting players.

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Last Light is looking better and better!

Posts: 127

20 seconds of this commentary and I already remember why I love Metro games ^^

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The rain.
The rain!
On the gasmask!