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Randy Waggles his Saddle

By KamikazeGoomba31-10-2013

Despite the statement from Randy Pitchford that we shouldn't expect as much frequent DLC for Borderlands 2 as in Season 1, we've been graced with the news that a new Headhunter DLC is heading to marketplaces this November. More specifically Randy said:

"We've got more content to come, but if you get it in your mind that you're expecting the same amount that was in the Season Pass, I'm afraid we're going to disappoint you."

Now, it is true that Headhunter2: Wattle Gobbler is the dumbest title for a game since Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, but that probably still won't prevent it from being entertaining DLC. In fact the title might be the cause of some bizarre, psychedelic, experience that gets shrugged away because of a silly name. The previous Headunter DLC, TK Baha's Bloody Harvest, essentially revolved around killing a few bosses and then taking their heads as a prize. So, it'd be safe to assume that Wattle Gobbler will follow a similar structure.

But assuming that a Borderlands 2 DLC would be anything but a unique experience would be extremely dismissive. I guess we'll have to wait until November to find out.

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Eh, Gearbox *shrug* they always were...eccentric

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So, now season packs will have 'seasons'? Season pack DLC pack...