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Randomerica in Europa Universalis IV DLC

By JcDent14-01-2014

When you set sail for the Americas in the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV, you already know your likely destination and what you'll find there. Hell, you might even rehearse the routine in a few test playthroughs: lend docks from the Portuguese to reach Africa, lend port from Morocco to reach unclaimed Africa (if the natives didn't want to have their land taken, they should have invented flags sooner), wait for it to transform into a colony, then set sail for South America, grab whatever is left from Spain, then continue north. Simple? Well, not anymore: one of the new things to be introduced in the Conquest of Paradise DLC is the option to get yourself a randomised America!

If you tick that fateful box, your Christopher Columbus might find a huge continent, an island chain, several small islands or just miss it completely and actually find a route to India. Anyways, once the map is generated, the game ads climate and terrain features, then gives it broad geographical regions ("Canada") and then plops down the appropriate native tribes (no arctic Aztecs!). Also, this means that you can't really know what – or how strong – the new civilizations will be, especially with the improved Native American gameplay.

Who knows, maybe RNG will bless you with such a crappy New World that you'll return to the Old World and resume schemes for the throne of the Holy Roman Empire.

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