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Ramming Zombies with BlOps II

By RubyStreams15-10-2012

Finding objects and combining them to create 'weapons of mass zombie destruction' is something fans of zombie-slaughter-sim series 'Dead Rising' are very familiar with. Call of Duty is about to follow suit and try some crafting of its own.

This new trailer for Black Ops II Zombies shows one of the new characters (heavy southern US accent included) shooting a number of undead before finding some sort of clothes horse looking object in a pretty beat up looking diner. The object is then taken to a work bench, not to dissimilar too those found in Dead Rising. Combined with a car door and a clicking of knuckles, a ramming device is created, as shown off during the final 'zombie charging' seconds of the trailer.

Zombie news not enough for you? Okay, we have more...

It seems a Black Ops II Season Pass is coming next year, if an alleged leak is to be believed. Details of the Pass were posted on the official Black Ops II website over the weekend, allegedly, and were later removed.

According to MP1st, the Season Pass will cost £34.99 and will give the player access to four map packs including "Mulitplayer and Zombies playable content".

Players who signed up to a premium Call of Duty: Elite subscription for last year's Modern Warfare 3 were entitled to all downloadable content at no additional cost, so questions have been raised about, if this ALLEGED Season Pass is to be released and how will Elite be integrated into Black Ops II.

Activision is yet to announce details of a Black Ops II Season Pass or details on how Call of Duty: Elite will be integrated with the game.

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