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RAM of Duty

By acharris7721-11-2013

Call of Duty: Ghost had a heavy ram requirement in order to play the multiplayer mode. 6GB RAM was needed just to get online, and this did cause problems as a lot of PC gamers only have 4GB RAM as games have not been this memory hungry before. Well good news, the latest patch from Infinity Ward has lowered the amount of RAM needed. Now to access the online mode, gamers just need 4GB RAM, so now we will see more dogs online, which is a good thing.

While the exact purpose of this update is unclear, the community have found that besides being less RAM intensive, but the e-sport features, have appeared to make an early appearance. Blitz and Search & Destroy modes have been updated with hard-coded rule sets. Players can now set weapons, equipment and perk restrictions, while using the e-sport features. Also a new broadcast mode have been added, which include new camera tools for first-person, third-person, and over the shoulder view. This update will help the community, as now people with less RAM can now get in on the action. Let us know C.O.D fans what you think.

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Posts: 341

Amazing game 10/10

Posts: 267

Completely artificial minimal requirements enforcement is just stupid. It eventually refuses to run on a hardware completely capable of handling it.

Posts: 3290

But it needs all that RAM for the amazing graphical fidelity!

Posts: 124

Called it!