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Raindrop Might Probably be Bad Ass

By JcDent15-10-2013

A lot of indie devs mistakenly think that "meaning" or "quirkiness" let you get away without putting gameplay into your game, making their work more glorified presentations or paid versions of games that could have been hosted on "Newgrounds". Not so with Raindrop.

At a glance, you might be driven to think "oh God, this survival crap again", especially since they would have to compete with Outlast. Oh, this is not a simple survival horror game, this is a game driven by mechanics of survival and horror, and sanity, and looting, and making new things out of loot, and shooting at...probably aliens (from the trailer, your guess is as good as mine), and exploring Soviet complex ruins... All in all, this seems to be a lot of fun, even if a bit lacking in detail. The strangest things are that stretch goals offer to tune the campaign for two players and various team and factional MP modes.

But, at first, they have to get enough money to complete the non-Open world mode and implement various things that would make it look sexy. To do that, they already ditched the Source engine in favour of Unity, which they're already using to make great screenshots, as well as promising fluid full body animations using Unity's Mechanism. You'll also get physics, liquid, electric and mechanic puzzles, dynamic weather and day-and-night cycle, procedurally generated locations for items and enemies (who will in turn use smart AI)... a pity that we still don't know how and who we will be fighting, but it's probably not zombies.

And, as a good sign, one of the uses for Kickstarter money would be to hire more people to make this game (instead of two crazy guys that the project has now). Since the project has been in the making for five years now, it's unknown how much is made, but hey. They promise you the ability to pimp out a Vaz 2106. Show me one other game that does that!

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