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Rainbow Six Siege, the GSG-9

By McKaby13-10-2015

The GSG 9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9 der Bundespolizei, Border Protection Group 9 of the Federal Police) was formed after the disaster of the 1975 Munich Olympics and is dedicated and trained police unit, not military as most other countries, that deals with counter terrorism and hostage rescue.

The GSG 9 operatives in Siege are;

  • Monika “IQ” Wiess who uses a scanner that can detect enemy electronic devices.
  • Elias “Blitz” Kötz who carries a tactical shield with 24 mini-flashbang grenades.
  • Marius “Jäger” Streicher who has the “magpie” an active laser system designed to shoot any large projectiles or grenades.
  • Dominic “Bandit” Brunsmeier who uses an electrical generator to charge up any metal walls or razor wire which creates a lethal area.

Rainbow Six: Siege is out on 1st December 2015 and is available on Uplay or Steam at £49.99 for the base version.

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SO basically, the different "factions" are just skins, and get the exact same equipment as every other "faction". Yay.