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Rainbow Six Siege Ponies up a Season Pass

By ElderCub13-11-2015

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege isn’t out until December 1st, but that isn’t stopping Ubisoft from announcing the season pass. For $29.99/£23.99 you’ll see the following:

Access to 8 new operators a full week early
Permanent 5% “Renown” boost to unlock content quicker
Exclusive “Porter” weapon skin
Safari bundle of 5 weapon skins
2 more daily challenges per day
600 R6 Credits for in game purchases

In January we’ll see Operation Black Ice, a content pack featuring 2 Canadian operators, a new map and more. The Season Pass can be purchased for $29.99/£23.99 or alternatively is included in the Gold Edition of Rainbow Six: Siege.

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Okay, so I don't get it. The season pass doesn't include any maps? If so, then that's a good thing. If they want to compete with the likes of Counter-Strike, it's suicide to start splitting up the community.

On the other hand though... who the hell would pay $30 to get a couple of cheap-prostitute-looking skins? The operators are a ONE-WEEK exclusive, everyone get them. Is it really worth paying 30 bucks - the price of a new game with a discount code on GMG - for one week exclusivity?