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Rainbow Six Siege Comes This Fall

By ElderCub15-05-2015

We’ve had some news coming in recently about this game. With the intention of bringing asymmetrical matchmaking to your living room, we finally have a release date. Rainbow Six Siege will be coming October 13th 2015 to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The inspiration of real world counter-terrorism organisations is heavy in this title, gameplay in Ubisoft’s siege mentality world will create new gameplay elements to exploit and generate highly variable outcomes with. Terrorist build up their stronghold in defence, and the Counter-Terrorists attempt to break it down, possibly with sledgehammers.

News about release editions are on the down-low right now. But our current information gives us several versions all of which sound surprisingly good. Apart from the standalone game, we’ll see the following.

Gold Edition: Includes Season Pass.

Art of Siege Edition: Collector’s Box, Gold Skins for virtually everything in the game, and a 120 page Tactical Guide on everything in the game. Every Counter-Terrorist unit, Operator, Map, and Sledgehammer… I mean Weapon. Everything in the book will be outlined in what’s described as excruciating detail with accompanied statistics.

Tactical Elite Edition: Includes the culmination of “Art of Siege” and the Season Pass.

In addition to all those goodies, all pre-orders will include access to the Closed Beta, and any physical pre-orders bought through Uplay will also include an exclusive, numbered steel book. We’ll be keeping up with this story any many others, so don’t don’t turn that dial. We’ll be right back! (Does anyone even get that joke anymore?)  

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