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Rainbow Interactsiege

By Bobfish30-07-2015

We have an interactive, uhm, 'trailer' for Rainbow Six Siege. But, it's something a little bit different than you might be expecting. Rather than being one of those clumsy choose your own adventure type things, this one has tool tips that offer extra information about the game. There's quite the variety of ways in which they have done this too. From basic text blurbs, to fully 3D models and other videos. All of which is, ironically enough, far more interesting than the painfully scripted 'gameplay' session it was all attached to.

Ubisoft are nothing if not masters of gimmicks, but I must confess, this is one of their more original. Though my final thoughts on the game are still more than a little mixed. Especially in light of the apparent lack of a single-player portion all together. Still, what it does do, it's doing well. And you might just see me around from time to time when the game releases on October 13th of this year.

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