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Raiden isn't the Only One Who Can Slice and Dice

By Doubleplus10-11-2013

A few months ago, Konami announced the PC port of Metal Gear Rising: Revengance, Metal Gear Solids' fast-paced Hack and Slash spin-off made by Platnium Games. The game is coming "soon", but has been totally silent (other than a tweet from Hideo Kojima saying that it was "Looking good"), leaving us PC Hack-and-Slash fans starved for some slice and dice action.

However, to alleviate this need, after downloading massive modpack for Running With Scissors' Postal 2 called Postal 2 AWP +500 weapons, made by Draven, I was able to successfully recreate the gameplay of MGR to what I think is complete accuracy. To do this, just do the following:

Step One: Open the developer's console and enter "bind K TheWorld" without quotes. Those of you who are fans of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure should know exactly what it does, but for those of you who aren't, it's a cheat like bullet-time, only it freezes everything, including gibs and projectiles. Note: you can replace "K" with any other key, just make sure not to use any keys that are already being used by the game.
Step Two: Equip the Eternal Damnation Katana. Use the cheat to get all the ED weapons. You can find this is the "Readme" file.
Step Three: Press "K" or whatever key you bound "TheWorld" to.
Step Four: Let Jack the Ripper LET 'ER RIP.
Step Five: Press "TheWorld" button again and watch the giblets fly.

Hopefully this will help scratch that itch while waiting for Metal Gear Rising, which will release anywhere between now and the end of time itself.

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