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Rage Scorcher DLC Details

By Merc17-12-2012

Previously confirmed through leaked information the new scorcher DLC will add some interesting stuff to the game. There will be an all new “Ultra-Nightmare” difficulty for players to sink their teeth into. It will also let players continue the game after the credits roll, and roam the world collecting stuff or whatever they want to do. They will also be adding a new adventure that will span six more areas. There will be a new mutant bash season for you to participate in, a nail gun to shoot mutants with, and some new mini games along the way.

Rage was a fun game but certainly had some issues. Many gamers were upset with the ending and the lack of being able to continue in an open world game after the credits rolled was baffling. Maybe Rage will be worth another play through after this new content is injected into the game, and hey its 5 bucks. Will you go back to Rage for the Scorcher DLC? Let us know in the comments.


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Posts: 223

I did enjoy the game, but it needed more content. I finished it and uninstalled it, with no thought of reinstalling it for a second play through. Side quests, more co-op missions, competitive FPS MP (not car combat) would be perfect for this game

Posts: 237

I will. I loved Rage even if the ending did suck a bit.