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Quelling the Dissention, in The Division

By Jedireaper28-02-2014

So this month, a day or so ago, Ubisoft released some Questions and Answers, named Q & A, regarding their new IP, Tom Clancy's The Division, with the intent on answering the naysayers, or just answering the questions the gaming community has about their upcoming, massively multiplayer, third-person survival-like game. Such questions like; "How large is New York City in the game? Is there any real life accuracy to the layout?.", and "How many gameplay hours does the game offer?"

Having recently released some lovely new screen-shots of their beautiful gaming New York world, show-casing the fidelity of their "Snowdrop" engine, it only makes sense to follow it up with some more info about the game, and it's nice to hear about what to expect from the game.

This is my most wanted game, or last year's E3 line-up, and it was revealed to quite the surprised fan-fare, and I simply cannot wait to get my grubby mitts on it. And knowing just that much more about the focus on exploration and survival, the co-op, how online and offline are seamless, and how there is so much more there than we've seen so far, just- GREAT! I'm sure we're all excited for The Division, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Posts: 596

New IP already? Didn't they just release their previous TC game?

Posts: 166

This does look interesting, lets hope it lives up to expectation to give the man himself a final send off.