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Quarrels Over Stick of Truth Sale

By Mokman23-01-2013

Ever since THQ filed for bankruptcy at the end of last year, it seems that their troubles have just been piling higher and higher. From the problems with its auctioning off, to the loss of consumer confidence in the company, it has now reached yet another problem. South Park Studios has filed an objection to the use of the South Park IP by other parties, even if they end up owning THQ. This is worsened by the fact that even if THQ cannot publish the game, they still owe South Park Studios approximately $2.275 million.

THQ finds itself in a hard place, and has filed a reply to this objection two days ago, requesting that the court allow the sale to continue, and that it is working towards a consensual resolution with South Park Studios. THQ states that the license is indeed transferable in regards to the game, and that the Studios should not be stopping its sale.

The hearing on the sale takes place January 23rd, 9.30am. C'mon, give these guys a break, won'cha?

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@Reaver I do agree with you but that will never happen

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Aww man, just leave them alone!

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Valve should buy THQ as a whole, than i would sleep well.