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Bethesda Triple Threat: Fallout, DOOM, and Bethesda.net

By ElderCub24-07-2015

It’s no surprise that Bethesda is on top of the gaming world recently. With Fallout 4, DOOM, and other titles from them right around the corner, it’s no question that will be seeing a lot from them. So here I am to bring you the biggest and brightest (mushroom cloud shaped) news from them. If you caught the recent on-stage presentation by Pete Hines, Vice President of PR and Marketing, at this year’s QuakeCon then you’ll know that the Fallout Anthology has been announced. If you weren’t watching, well, Fallout Anthology has been announced, just fyi.

The Anthology will feature feature the following: Fallout, the game that started it all. Topdown, hexagonal movement and turn based attack, we’d be nowhere without this game. Fallout 2, critically acclaimed sequel to Fallout. Mechanically similar, yet improved. Fallout Tactics, again similar to previous titles, but with the inclusion of squad based combat. Think about Wasteland 2 or X-COM in an open world. Fallout 3:GOTY, the game that brought many of the current generation to the Fallout series, myself included. An open world FPSRPG based in the Washington, DC featuring all DLC. Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition, building off Fallout 3’s engine New Vegas places you in the Nevada Desert surrounding what had been previously known as Las Vegas. This will also include all it’s DLC. On top of these 5 amazing games is a Fatman Mininuke case for them all with press top that makes electronic bomb sounds. Inside the core is space for all 5 games and additional space for Fallout 4. The release date for such a collection is steady on September 29th for North America, and October 2nd for European areas.

BethesdaNet was revealed at this year’s E3 to be a hub for all thing Bethesda from here on out. True to their word, Bethesda.net is now live with exactly that, everything Bethesda. This will be the new portal for content, news, forums and pretty much anything you could need if you want to do anything at all involving Bethesda. And with a game like DOOM coming out soon, we’ve got a present for you. So while you’re waiting patiently for the next big game from Bethesda, take a look at these brand new DOOM screenshots!

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