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PvZ2 Coming To iOS, PC Has To Wait

By Fr33Lanc3r.00704-06-2013

Plants vs Zombies 2, the upcoming sequel to Popcap's hit game, has an official trailer and a confirmed release date for this July - Yay! - which is for iOS devices only - Boo!

In a statement made to PCGamer Popcap said that their intention is to make PvZ 2 more widely available over time - so a PC release is likely at some point.

Anyway, give the trailer a look, cause it's awesome (at least, according to this slight fan of the original). We'll keep you posted about any further developments on the PC front.

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Posts: 123

This is going straight on my iPod as soon as it comes out. I forget how but I ended up with a copy of Plants Vs. Zombies for the NDS and that was great fun. I look forward to playing this 'sequel'. The new plants look interesting too.

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Agreed, I played PvZ on my laptop for probably 10 hours total, on occasions when I had nothing to do, when I was in places without internet connections, etc.

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Whilst I could certainly care less about waiting for such a game, and agree that they're not the type of games that most PC gamers will play extensively for hours on end, I do quite like games like this on my laptop. Most people will just play them on their phones or tablets, true, but I really don't like playing games on either of those myself, so they're ideal to have on my laptop instead for those journeys where I don't feel like listening to music as I usually do.

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Playing games like this on a PC is kinda silly anyway. There's a reason games like this dominate the mobile market. It's because they're light on the hardware and can be played in short bursts. I doubt many people huddle down in front of their desktop to play games like this when there's much bigger and more immersive games out there.

TL;DR: I doubt anyone's gonna cry over the PC version coming later.