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Put Your Money on Gambitious

By siegarettes26-09-2012

Thanks to the Herculean success of Double Fine's and other Kickstarter projects, the site has become a popular way to circumvent the traditional publisher-developer model, and maintain creative control while having the game funded by fans.

In the wake of this success, Gambitious, a new crowdsourcing site dedicated to video games has now launched with a similar model to Kickstarter. However, this new platform also allows interested parties to not only pledge money to the project for backer rewards, but to also invest in them. Investing means you will not obtain any rewards, but will instead share in the profits of the project, if there happen to be any.

This option presents a greater risk to the backer, as the money invested can either fail to turn a profit, or simply present a loss. However, it allows investors to have say in the development of the project, and to potentially reap the benefits of a successful project. Investments are made by purchasing shares, and profits will be divided depending on the amount of shares held.

Gambitious does also allow the traditional pledge model as well, with rewards given for the various tiers of pledges. Depending on the project, backers will be able to either invest, pledge, or do both.

In addition, projects on Gambitious are required to undergo a review process before they are accepted, in order to cut down on less promising projects. More information about the various ins and outs can be found on their FAQ. At the moment, Gambitious is looking like a solid alternative for investors and developers, with a few promising projects already ready for backing. Time will tell if their gamble will pay off.


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