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Pushing the Limits

By PeterChi10-12-2013

Limit Theory reached its Kickstarter funding goals last December and has been tantalising us ever since with videos and ideas being tossed around by Josh Parnell, the game's creator. Limit Theory sets out to be completely procedurally generated. Our current ideas of procedurally generated games are usually limited to randomly placed game assets in a randomly created world; Limit Theory is setting itself up to throw this out the window. The game aims to create a procedural universe with procedural stories, ships and even space stations. It's like a game that makes a completely different game every time you boot it up, but always with awesome spaceness.

Josh's latest video update talks about his most recent innovations with the custom-built game engine for Limit Theory. Behind the scenes, the AI has been rebuilt from nothing to make it act more realistically human. The user interface has also been reworked to be completely 3D and node-based. This node based system menu looks insanely good, with the very menu system also acting as a system map. Watch Josh drill down into the systems through the sparkly node menu and try not to be impressed.

This creativity and free-thinking is totally inspiring and exciting which is probably why Limit Theory managed to more than triple its funding aims on Kickstarter last December. Limit Theory is not just looking like it may be an astounding game, it may also be the game that finally unlocks the true power and potential of procedurally generated content.

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