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Protector Mech Stomps Into Mechwarrior Online

By JcDent05-09-2013

Unlike the previous mech presentations, this Mechwarrior Online trailer actually makes sense. The newly introduced hero mech is called the Protector. And it's awesome. The red paint scheme most assuredly makes it go faster. And the armament is kicking to boot.

It has both a Gauss rifle and a PPC. For those not in the know, those are pretty much the most powerful weapons in their respective categories (ballistic and energy), not to mention the long range and good accuracy. It also features a pair of medium lasers for close quarters fighting, as well as some short range missiles for support. The only thing missing, it seems, are jump-jets.

Back in MW4: Mercenaries days, I spent half a game strolling around in an two PPCs/jumpjets loadout, with the rest of weight distributed between heatsinks and armour. Good times!

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