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Promising Top-Down RPG On Kickstarter

By Mokman27-12-2012

Now this seems interesting. Not only do we have something genuinely fresh on Kickstarter, a growing rarity these days, but also something that has a substantial amount of information attached to its Kickstarter page. Not just a bunch of mere promises, Radio the Universe introduces itself as a game possessing challenging gameplay, platforming, good level design, an expansive open world and a "module-based character progression system".

Personally though, what really got me interested is the art style, and the atmosphere the footage released so far has managed to convey. In what seems to be a cross between Dark Souls and a dystopian cyberpunk world, it manages to be bleak and beautiful, forming a style that I dare say is unique. This line from the Kickstarter page explains it all, really, and gives you no reason to not be at least curious about the game:

"I blended classic Zelda and dark science fiction and drank the ensuing mixture. It was Radio the Universe."

Also, I dig the humorous and slightly mocking tone the creator uses in advertising his game. It made the page a decent read compared to the generic "THIS GAME IS GONNA BE AWESOME!" offerings.

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It does look rather delicious.
Giving me a bit of a Shin Megami Tensei/Broken Saints atmosphere. Digging the surreal cell-phone stuff too.