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Promised XCOM Second Wave Patched In

By Mokman08-01-2013

Loved XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Finished the Campaign wishing there were more? Want a reason to play through it all over again? It seems that Firaxis has made good on its promises for Second Wave, the downloadable "mod" for the XCOM campaign - promising a variety of campaign mutators that would wholly change how the game is to be played. After the unexpected disappointment that was Firaxis' Slingshot DLC, it seems the appetite of XCOM fans have been sharpened, and Firaxis itself is determined not to disappoint. As to quote its lead designer, what people wanted "was more elements in the system." As such, Second Wave promises interesting new mechanics that would alter entirely the way the game is played.

For example, one of the options that would be available would be E-115. Turning it on, Elerium, the all-vital resource needed to build all sorts of crucial weapons and technology, would have attached to it a half-life, where unspent Elerium would slowly degrade day by day in your stores. This is but one of the many new ways that Firaxis are cunningly lengthening the gameplay of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Well, all I know is that I'm booting up XCOM right now, letting it patch, and preparing myself to be absolutely absorbed in another campaign for at least a week. I cannot wait.

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