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Project Spark Ignites

By BloodyFanGirl25-06-2013

A few weeks ago we covered Microsoft's reveal of Project Spark. This official website for the new game-making game from Microsoft is now accepting sign-ups for the beta. Check it out. Sign up is super quick and easy; you only need to input your email address and type out a Captcha. However, the beta is only available to PC users running machines on Windows 8 (I'm on Windows 7 myself so I can't tell you how disappointed I was when I found this out). The website itself looks a bit bare bones though, the only new Project Spark offering besides the beta sign up being a short trailer that you can watch above.

Details as to when players will be given access to the beta are neither here nor there and the site certainly doesn't shed any light on this. But once you're in the game there certainly seems to be a lot on offer. For just a taste of the sort of thing players will be able to create within Project Spark, if you'll excuse the Fall Out Boy playing over the top, check out the video below.

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Posts: 123

I signed up AND THEN I read the bit about it only being available on Windows 8. >.<

Posts: 3290

Time will tell I guess. It just seems kinda' gimmicky

Posts: 1317

It could be awesome, but... I don't know... Just seems too much like some Molyneux game. Well, it doesn't seem like a Molyneux game. Because Molyneux games tend to be shit. But it looks like what Molyneux usually CLAIMS his games will be like, way before they're done. And that makes me skeptical...

Posts: 351

I signed up to try it, but I usually do not like games like this. I am willing to give it a good try though.