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Project Spark: Conker's Big Reunion

By drcoolio34510-04-2015

Gaming's most beloved, dirty mouthed squirrel is back for the first time since the N64 era via Microsoft's Project Spark and is looking as filthy as ever.

Conker may have taken more than a decade to get his much awaited sequel released, but Conker's Big Reunion is finally here, along with the ridiculous world and characters that fit right in. Prepare to meet a Scarecrow, evil teddy bears, and a monster that looks like its covered in green snot rocks, and probably tons of other individuals as you fly, hover, run, and fart your way through all of the lands.

It may just be being made in Project Spark and not be Conker's personal game, but it's his return to the gaming world regardless, and this journalist is awaiting his return as much as anyone can await the return of a Squirrel from a game that had a mass of singing poop as a boss fight.

Coker's Big Reunion is due out for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on April 23rd as a Project Spark game built in their engine. Players aren't just limited to playing one adventure though, they'll be allowed to build and share adventures with other players using the Project Spark engine.

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