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Project Shield’s Bohemia Exclusive

By SavageOcto31-01-2013

NVidia is launching an android console. Called Project Shield, it looks like a controller with a screen attached to it and runs the Jelly Bean version of Android, the latest version. NVidia also boasts that it can stream Steam games from your PC onto the Shield's screen. However, the demonstration of the feature didn't go well at CES, so hopefully they'll fix that.

To show their support for the console, Bohemia revealed today its upcoming ARMA Tactics game, a spin-off of its popular FPS, and that its Project Shield and NVidia Tegra 4 exclusivity. ARMA Tactics is a turn-based strategy, similar to X-Com, and will make use of the console's touchscreen and gamepad.

It's good to see NVidia showing support for Shield. With other Android-based consoles, the Ouya and GameStick, are launching soon. Not to mention its handheld nature in a market where handheld consoles are being replaced by phones.

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