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Project Phoenix Soars Over Terrain Features

By JcDent28-08-2013

Project Phoenix is a Japanese (!) Kickstarter game - a squad based RTS with strong JRPG influences. In short, we're all doomed. But before that, there's a very rough development video which explains the use of terrain.

The gist is that terrain interacts with the skills that you character has. For example, pathfinders can spot enemies through walls and the Dwarf (it has no other name nor class - he's just The Dwarf) can burst through for some surprise smiting. In other combat scenarios, you may have to use chokepoins (you will have to use them since you'll always have less troops than the other guy), cover, higher ground and stuff like that. I just wonder what's the max amount of people that we'll have to command since so far, all of them appear to be characters.

So, a Fire Emblem RTS?

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