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Project Fundix

By BloodyFanGirl12-09-2013

We've previously covered Project Phoenix and its rapidly successful Kickstarter campaign. The project's initial goal was $100,000 and was achieved in less than 9 hours. Overall, from Kickstarter pledges ($1,014,600) and Paypal donations ($44,241), the funding campaign has achieved a whopping $1,058,841 which is over 10 times more than the original goal. Not only is this enough to get the project off the ground, it also met the stretch goals for "fully explorable overworld with an upgraded combat transition" and the rather cryptically titled "fight inside the Kraken".

One thing that drew many to support the funding campaign was the big industry names attached to the Project. The team behind the game include Final Fantasy sound track composer Nobuo Uematsu, artist Kiyoshi Arai and Hiroaki Yura in the role of directing and producing the game. It's difficult to think of better hands for this project to rest in.

Project Phoenix will rise mid-2015 and shall be available for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita with a tweaked iOS version of the game as well. You can even still donate to the project via Paypal here.

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