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Project Eternity Funded With $4.3 Million From Kickstarter

By SavageOcto05-12-2012

Obsidian’s new fantasy RPG, Project Eternity, finished yesterday. It raised over $4.3 million to fund their new IP, well past their $1.1 million goal. If you missed out to fund the game, Obsidia is still taking donations at the game’s official site, with those that put up $29 will get the reatail game on Steam or GoG, Special behind the scenes access via private forums, and a backer badge.

Now with the game funded and moving forward, the game is expected to be released in 2014. During that time Obsidian plans to stay vocal about their project with weekly updates on the progress of the game and to listen to feedback. So have you guys backed the game or plan to donate to it?

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