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Project Eternity Breaks Records

By Bis18marck7017-10-2012

Remember when we told you about Project Eternity a few weeks back? Well, the game is finally funded and has beaten the record for most funded video game, beating Double Fine that had raised over $3.300.000. Project Eternity has fell just a bit shy of its final reward goal of 4 million, raising exactly $3.986.194 but let’s wait for a word about the PayPal donations to see the final number.

Having long past the initial goal of $1.1 million, the game has basically been blessed with the vault of Fort Knox and with a horde of hungry RPG fans. Five mentionable individuals have even gone as far as pledging more than $10.000 themselves. Now that is commitment.

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This is a game im sure to buy! Hpefully they can publish boxed copyes and i can buy a really shiny one!