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Project BlueStreak Pre-Alpha Footage

By drcoolio34516-03-2015

The mysterious Project BlueStreak from Boss Key Productions was shown to be more than just another Sonic game this weekend, and a whole lot more than just a "Project" this weekend at Pax East.

The game, whatever it'll end up being called, is looking to be furnished already with some guns, a map, and a solid concept. "Asian Halo" jumps to mind from looking at the combination of glowing, pulsing guns and the sakura petals falling onto the Chinese dragon in the courtyard, but BlueStreak is hardly done still, and this is just the first few minutes we've seen of it.

If it's Gears of War's CliffyB at the helm of development, I have faith that a good shooter will come out of it if nothing else. Let us know what your thoughts are on it!

You can check out Boss Key's photos from PAX and some information about their upcoming Twitch livestream, Boss Room, on their home site here.

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