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Project Awakened UE4 Eyeball Melting Demo

By Merc02-03-2013

If you have not heard of Project Awakened, it is an interesting looking game that is on Kickstarter, it was first shown running on Unreal 3. Now there is a new video showing it running on Unreal Engine 4, so bask in its glory. Not only is the game using Unreal Engine 4 in the development, you will be able to use it yourself. Project Awakened promises to be highly moddable and will let the player customize their game experience unlike many other games out there. Unreal Engine 4 certainly looks impressive, combine that with all of the lofty promises for the game itself and there is something to be excited about. This video highlights the variety of things players can change about their character. It is certainly impressive to say the least. Keep your eyes on this one guys and girls!

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