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Project Awakened awakes Powers!

By JcDent13-02-2013

Project Awakened, a sort of indie super-power game so long in the making I thought it died, has just launched a new video. But what's in it?

A blue dude hurting a lot of yellow dudes with various powers (and a rifle). Ya see (and if I remember correctly), in the world of Awakened, a flood devastated Some Probably Fake City, USA. In the aftermath, some of the drowned started returning to their "not exactly dead status". And they Came Back Wrong - by which I mean with superpowers!

And since the game promises mix and match character creation (the video shows that you can make all sorts of sweet costumes - usually a hard thing for superhero games), they finally showed up some of the powers. Like telekinesis, throwing fire, mindjacking and the sorts. The dev's even commented on the video that a lot of people that made PsyOps: The Mindgate Conspiracy (it's a free game now - if you can get it to run) are among the creative team. Among the nifty things are destructible environments and their interaction with powers - for example, destroy a fire hydrant and you can electrocute everyone standing in teh puddle.

But enough of my jibba-jabba - go see it for yourself! 

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