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Procedurally Generated Space Isn't Lonely

By zethalee29-06-2015

Building off of Hello Games' E3 demo, here's another short video of No Man's Sky. Perhaps in an attempt to assuage fears that space would be empty, lonely, and full of ugliness, there are a few planets on display, along with some underwater sequences and a space skirmish. The worlds are brightly lit and colorful, and sounding as if they're quite full of life indeed. Resource collection, space stations, and something that looks strikingly similar to an aircraft carrier are all featured, and it all looks quite nice indeed.

As far as other new information that came out of E3, an article on Kotaku gave some glimpses into what we can expect, as far as game mechanics are concerned:

  • Players are limited to one ship and one weapon, with unique upgrades for every ship/weapon in the game
  • Resources are a large part of the game's economy, and are also used to craft upgrades
  • Players will need to acquire different environmental suits for different planet types
  • In lieu of a story, there is some lore to be discovered within the game world

Though there's no release date yet, the appearance of a Steam page can finally relieve fears that it wouldn't be coming to PC.

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This game looks sooooo good. I just wish you could group up with friends - I'm sure I read that they said you CAN be in the same game as your mates but the chances of actually meeting up are very small due to the size of the galaxy - I do not like that.