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Privateer Press bringing WARMACHINE to the PC

By ember15-07-2013

It's a war out there. WARMACHINE: Tactics will be the PC version of the tabletop game WARMACHINE. The game will be a 3D turn based strategy game similar to the tabletop game, except no tabletop of course. Players will control warcasters, rare individuals who have arcane talents and an arsenal of weapons that are specific to the warcaster's fighting style. They also have what is called an "aracane feat", something so powerful that when used right it could help turn things to the player's favour.

Warcasters are also paired up with Warjacks, which the warcaster is in constant telepathic contact with. These are giant, hulking machines that are able to execute powerful attacks. Also on your team are the warriors, which have a wide variety of roles.

Players will be able to enjoy singleplayer campaign, or fight against human players across the globe in multiplayer. Singleplayer will have campaigns that focus on one warcaster and will have a "story-driven experience". Meanwhile multiplayer will have synchronous and asynchronous play. This means you can either play with someone live or play chess style and take your time with your moves. Forever alone? Don't worry, there's an automatic matchmaking system that will team you up with other players. Casual, ranked, and tournament play will also be incorporated.

If you want to know more or support the kickstarter then check out the WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter.

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