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Prison Architect Alpha 7 Released

By Fr33Lanc3r.00723-02-2013

Prison Architect, the Prison Management game from indie developer Introversion Software has been knocking around in Alpha since September last year. Recently announced their seventh build, which brings a ton of new features that make the game more realistic, such as the need for guards to open security doors, and a lockdown feature for use during escape attempts. Additionally, it brings the fulfilment of a couple of the promises Introversion gave to those who paid above and beyond the lowest asking price, specifically, the option to give a custom backstory and name to a prisoner used in the game - or, for a higher payment, the use of your own face for your named prisoner - of which both options are still available for purchase. You can purchase the game here, with your choice of optional extras.

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How do you feel about Deltas and Gammas?

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GET THIS DAMN GAME RELEASED ALREADY! I wanna play it. But I just can't stand alphas and betas. :/