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PrioVR Looks to Be Non-Starter for Hands-On Experience

By acharris7715-10-2013

It looks like Yeti Technology's Kickstarter project is not going to hit its target unfortunately. They were looking to create body sensors, which could be used to interact with a virtual world. The idea was to position sensors on various parts of the body, much like they do with motion capture for actors, so that in-game movement copied yours. This coupled with something like Oculus Rift, could have meant full immersion within a virtual reality world.

With 66 hours (a little under three days) left to go, the project has only raised $96,784 of the required $225,000, so not looking good. I am guessing that the world is still not catching the bug for the use of motion controls within a game. Just imagine the possibility of these motion sensors, used for adult entertainment maybe? Imagine feeling up your favourite adult actress, or actor, hey I am not judging. Let us know below what your thoughts are.

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@Stunt: I think that's the problem. it's a superb concept. Just utterly impractical for the vast majority of gamers.

For the military however...

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Market probably isn't ready or aware of this yet, or maybe PS Move and Kinect scared people away.

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Well THIS looks cool...for people that live in empty warehouses. I wish I lived in one.