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Preying on Personal Colossi

By Bobfish19-10-2015

Displaying a sense of timing that I’m sure is far from coincidental, No Matter revealed their upcoming title Prey for the Gods over the weekend. Why is that important you ask? Because it just so happens to have been the tenth anniversary of Shadow of the Colossus just yesterday. That being a game which No Matter have clearly, and unashamedly, pastiche’d in almost every way possible. A lone warrior with a bow? Check. Massive creatures that you can climb on? Check. A horse with a mind of its own? Ahh, uhm, no actually. But surely you see my point.

Currently planned for a Mac and PC (with other platforms as budget allows) release, Prey for the Gods is being developed by a team of only three and promises a degree of brutality which its forebear lacked. Something which is already notable in the trailer, as the single demonstrated colossus (which appears to be female along with the main character) lifts our erstwhile hero up ready to drop into her mouth and nom down on a tasty din-dins.

Yeah, you have my attention.

There’s nothing even remotely resembling a release date at present, and considering that No Matter only officially became a company as of September 2014, it’s unlikely we will be seeing one materialise in the near future. But we can assure you, I can assure you, this is a game I will be following with great care. So check back often, because the moment we know more, so will you.

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