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Prey 2 Teaser Site Turns Out to be Fansite

By Mokman04-03-2013

Well, way to get our hopes up, and then subsequently dash them. Turns out the "Alien Noire" website that we reported on a while back, the one that we hypothesized as part of a reveal for the thought-cancelled Prey 2, is nothing more than a fan site designed to host a petition for finishing the game. Drawn in by the logos of Bethesda Softworks and Human Head Studios, it is not exactly a wonder that people all over thought it was an official site, rather than a fan-made petition.

However, that's exactly what it is, according to Pete Hines, Bethesda's VP of PR and Marketing, who states that "It appears to be a fan site. We have nothing to do with that site, I don't know what that is or who is doing it. It's not something we're doing." It seems then that those waiting eagerly for the release of Prey 2 are going to be waiting for a long long time...

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