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Prey 2 Teaser Site Not Bethesda's Work

By Fr33Lanc3r.00723-02-2013

So there's a website - "Alien Noire" - that's been claiming to be a teaser site for a theoretical Prey 2, including a countdown and a hidden message in the source code reading "Tommy needs your help with a stranded human who wants to go home." While the logos from both Bethesda and Humanhead studios (the Publisher and Developer respectively) lends the site a degree of credibility, Bethesda is claiming to have nothing to do with the site.

This, coupled with the takedown of Prey 2 from their upcoming games list, and the rumours of development hell surrounding the game, leads us to ask what exactly is going on with Prey 2 - and we can only hope that someone eventually opens up and gives us a clear answer.

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