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Prey 2 Still On Hold

By Bis18marck7016-10-2012

The future of Prey 2, the sequel to the sci-fi ’Indians in Space’ shooter, release was quite questionable during the early months this year when developer Human Head and publisher Bethesda seemed to be having a few disagreements. The shadow has been lifted when Nathan Cheever, Lead Level Designer at Human Head tweeted that the project is not dead but in a stasis kind of state.

‘Prey 1 = Indians in Space. Prey 2 = Cowboys in Space. (#Prey2). btw, P2 hasn't been officially canceled, only in limbo.’

So, good news there then for all Prey fans. Although the nature of this ‘limbo’ isn’t known to us and as such we can’t be really sure what is going on with this promising title, it’s definitely good to know that the project is still alive. So, please Bethesda and Human Head, get past your petty grievances and develop the game.

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