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Pretty Shadows And Resource Exploitation

By Vexytube07-02-2013

EA has released part two of A Journey Through Terror that shows everyone just how much work goes into the environment, lighting, shadows and most importantly the NecroMorphs! I don't really understand why they are providing us with these videos since Dead Space 3 is already released in North America, meaning they are busy killing things that jump out from every bloody angle looking to hug you with sharp blades.

Pretty trailers aside, micro-transactions annoy almost every gamer, especially if they're put inside a game that's not on Facebook. Earlier last month we spoke about Dead Space 3 and the silly resources that can be bought via our hard earned cash, luckily or maybe even deliberately a glitch has been found that allows you to farm infinite resources for as long as needed.

On chapter 8 there is a building that you can enter and loot, however when you leave and re-enter the building has all the loot respawned! Dead Space 3 will be release in Europe in less than 24 hours but will this exploit be fixed by then?

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