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Prettiest Crysis 2 Ever

By StuntmanLT12-02-2013

Modding is a pinnacle of PC gaming and texture packs is the most common mod that can have the biggest impact on the looks of the game. Finally, after a long beta, MaLDoHD 4 is finally out in full force for Crysis 2. And it’s out just in time to recap the story before the sequel comes out. Go enjoy the pretty pictures and spam them all over the interwebs. We all enjoy that, don’t we.

I really felt that at launch Crysis 2 was a big let-down with lots of low resolution textures and lack of proper settings. Yes, later on the settings were added and textures were improved but it wasn’t until MaLDoHD texture pack came that Crysis 2 started to look really good. Do you agree with me or think that I should check my eyes? Let us know in the comments.

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