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Press Restart for Doom 4

By Merc04-04-2013

Hey did you hear the news lately on Doom 4? No, we have not heard anything either until today. Id have been silent regarding Doom 4 for quite some time now, in fact the game has not even been shown off at all. In an interview with Kotaku Pete Hines is the bearer of bad news. It looks like Doom 4 is still happen but who the hell knows when! Doom 4 did not meet internal expectations and the reset button was pushed. Now id is focused on a new version of the game, hopefully it meets the expectations because I know we all want it to be great. Time will tell and nothing at this point is known about what the final version of the game will look like. It may be a cold day in hell when the game is released, we just have to wait.


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Maybe if Rage "did not meet internal expectations" it wouldn't have been so shitty

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They should add level called "Development Hell" in the game.