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Presently in the Creed

By Bobfish08-10-2013

So, you know how Assassin's Creed has modern day segments that most people hate? Well, to reflect this, Ubi have opted to make the latest chapter's, uhm, chapters, almost entirely optional. There will be, or so we are told, a lot of content on offer if (your mission if) you choose to explore it, but it will be tertiary to the main plot as it revolves arouind Cap'n Kenway.

Now, let's face it, the only reason peopler really have a problem with the modern day stuff is because of Desmond. Who I personally found rather engaging, but I'm hipster like that. Now that Desmond is...indisposed because of the shenanigans with Juno at the end of Assassin's Creed 3, that should be less of an issue...maybe? Though we don't know yet. The interview confirms that this takes place after those events, and the present day content will be integral to progressing the metagame story, but as for who you will actually play as this time...

Well, with a little over a month to go (a month and a half for we PC gamers) all our answers will soon be revealed. Until then, I dunno, there's always bacon.

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Hey Jenssen, I like present day stuff!

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not really so much a matter of opinion, if you ask me. There isn't anything wrong with having a present-day aspect to the games, but they broke up the gameplay at the most horrendous of times, and the gameplay of them was often completely uninteresting compared to the period-stuff. The past-stuff both looked better, had better pacing, a more interesting story and characters that didn't feel like cardboard cutout stereotypes.

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Matter of opinion. I always liked the modern day segments. Most people didn't. But, most people are morons

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I'm sort of annoyed that they keep these modern day sequences still, but at least I'm happy that we have a rating system now. I'll be sure to let them know if these sequences suck. But weren't they pretty good in AC3?