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Prepare To Die?

By Kathy_McGraw05-03-2014

During a hands-on event for Dark Souls 2, Takeshi Miyazoe spoke with the Xbox Official Magazine about the direction in which the sequel is heading. Miyazoe explained that while the game will still be as cryptic and difficult as ever, it will be a little more forgiving in some aspects.

One of the ways Dark Souls 2 does this is in a revamped combat system which, according to Miyazoe, will feel more intuitive and less "gamey." This is a result of using motion capture for player movements rather than animating them by hand.

Additionally, there will be tutorials available in-game that will explain the game mechanics in more depth without giving everything away. Likewise, the story remains open to interpretation, and players must discover it through exploration rather than being overtly told what is going on.

Other additions include changes to PVP that make it impossible to escape an attack by going Hollow. To balance this, the Covenant system has been strengthened to allow for instant Summons. Players will also be able to carry a torch that can be lit from bonfires and be used to light other torches in dungeons and caves.

We'll have to see if Dark Souls 2 attracts the same kind of attention that its predecessor did. Too often, when game developers make a sequel designed for a broader appeal, they end up removing much of what made the original game a hit in the first place.

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