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Prepare for The New Order at E3

By Toast06-06-2013

Ready to go back in and kill some Nazis (maybe a few, or a lot of Nazi robots too)? Well you're in luck as with the new E3 trailer of Wolfenstein: The New Order we can see more glimpses of gameplay and parts of the story that is taking place during the game with some historical clips playing along at the start of the video with some spoofs of a what-if world.

The game takes place during the 1960's and an alternative world where the Axis won WWII and the Third Reich has advanced technologically to which they have a robotic arsenal at their fingertips. With the release of this trailer, it is expected that more details are to be revealed at E3 next week so stay tuned in for more details when E3 starts.

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Posts: 267

The moon part reminds me of Iron Sky film.

Posts: 3290

Der Moon Fuhrer

Posts: 1317

I gotta say, though this looks NOTHING like a Wolfenstein game, I am intrigued. There seems to even be some stealth mechanics(?) in there. Would be awesome if this could become a sort of spiritual "successor" to Riddick.

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That Abbey Road shopping got a smile out of me.