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Prepare for Hardline's Beta – Round 2

By zethalee30-01-2015

After unexpectedly pushing Battlefield: Hardline's release date back a few months, many were wondering if we'd get to see another public beta test of the game because of the expanded release date. Now, with a post on the Hardline blog, those dreams have been realized. Taking place on two new maps, "Downtown" and "Dust Bowl," the game modes on offer are the classic 64-player Conquest, Hotwire, which is seemingly a car chase version of Heist, taking place across the entire map, and Rush, which players of BF4 unlocked for everyone.

The first beta, while offering some gunplay on the "High Tension" map, felt quite lacking, in the mechanics of the game itself, and it was still plagued with many of the same issues that Battlefield 4 had at the time, particularly with its netcode. Steve Papoutsis, VP of Visceral, said in a blog post that the extended development time was spent integrating weapon balance, audio fixes, quality of life improvements for the multiplayer modes, and larger things, such as a more improved UI, customization, and "re-shaping" Heist mode. Players can jump into the beta, which runs from February 3rd to the 8th.

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So.... if these bank robbers can afford fucking helicopters... why even bother robbing banks? Why not just, y'know, invest the money into something legal, and make a shit-ton of cash back that way?