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Prepare For A Nightmare

By Toast04-06-2013

Some rather sad news for the Australian player base for The Old Republic as the APAC server for the MMO will be shutting down due to too much inactivity and will have to move to a brand new home server, the good news is they won't need to pay a cent, instead they'll all be offered a one-time free transfer for each character (one per character) to the new server, which means it'll be as painless as possible for all that are affected, hopefully.

Along with the 2.2 update will be the introduction of 2 new nightmare operations for level 55 players, there will be two new operations that will be introduced in two separate parts. No release date has been announced for the planned content, but we know that they are the following:

  • (Part 1 – Game Update 2.2) Nightmare Mode Operation: Terror From Beyond, New Guild Bonuses, Underworld Gear Crafting
  • (Part 2 – Game Update 2.2.2) Nightmare Mode Operation: Scum and Villainy

You can also expect to gain new loot and be able to craft new items which will require rare materials along with special guild XP and reputation guild bonuses added for everyone.

More content sounds good to me, but I wonder if at some point we'll see content tied in to the new Star Wars movie coming in a few years?

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