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Pre-Order Beardnuses

By Bobfish19-12-2013

The beards, the glorious, unstoppable varl beards, will be upon us soon. Coming in the depths of the winter which they are most comfortable within. But now, for those who show due respects with an early tithe, they promise the support and protection of a superior warrior. The spearman Tryggvi and his powerful amulet that endows him with an almost uncanny, supernatural level of success on the battlefield.

Having spent some time playing through The Banner Saga for our upcoming preview, I can personally attest that Trygg, is, indeed, a powerful unit, more than capable of holding his own against even some of the more powerful Dredge, so with just shy of a month left to go, it's well worth snapping up the game at the current 20% discount. Think on it, you get the game cheaper, get an extra character, and three tracks from the OST to boot. Not a bad little incentive right there. Take it from someone who knows.

I mean, look at his beard!

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