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Pratchett Not On-Board

By breadbitten09-01-2014

Noted videogame writer, and daughter of the inimitable Terry Pratchett, Rhianna Pratchett has not been approached for EA’s announced Mirror’s Edge 2, the predecessor to which Pratchett wrote. Talking to ActionTrip the talented wordsmith was fairly blunt about her role in writing DICE’s 2008 action/adventure game:

"DICE was a great company to work with, but Mirror's Edge was a challenging project and an important learning experience for me. Unfortunately, because of the timing when I was brought in and a large amount of the script being cut (due to the late decision to remove level dialogue) the narrative wasn't what I would've liked it to be. Thankfully, I got the chance to remedy this a little bit in the Mirror's Edge comic series with DC. The story in those was much more along the lines of what I would've liked to have developed for the game."

She is also quite aware of the disappointment a lot of players (including myself) over the first game’s main narrative, especially given the unique setting and premise:

"I've been quite candid about what happened with Mirror's Edge, because I know some players were disappointed with the narrative in the game. The upshot of that is that I've probably blotted my copy-book with DICE. I'd love the chance to do it again under the right circumstances, and I have plenty of ideas, but I doubt that's going to happen."

When asked if she’d return for the sequel given the chance, she said:

"A lot of it would depend on the time frame involved, the attitude of the team and what they were looking to do with the characters and world this time around."

Nothing’s set in stone however, but assuming the fact that Mirror’s Edge 2 is well into development by now it wouldn’t be much shocking to not see Ms. Pratchett coming back for it at a later date. But I doubt it would be enough to put much of a dent in her resume though. The woman very recently, and very successfully, revived a characteristically flailing Lara Croft back into cultural significance with last year’s Tomb Raider after all.

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I can't wait for Mirror's Edge 2. It's going to be so awesome! Finally, Anita Sarkeesian is getting some recognition! I know she has been taken seriously in the media, but I want her to be taken seriously by EVERYONE! We need to install chips inside everyone's brains so that everyone will be forced to love her and worship her. THAT is true equality!

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True dat

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EA are just being EA again

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No, they called in Anita fucking Sarkeesian as a consultant instead